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Group Introduction
Group Introduction
Established with registered capital of RMB 170 million yuan in Datang Socks In dustrial Park, Zhuji,Zhejiang,in August 2005,Danjiya Group Co.,Ltd. Is a large comprehensive production and trading enterprise integrating knitting in dustry,real estate development and mining industry.The group has workshops of 270,000square meter and more than 4800 employees.
Danjiya products are the drafting of the national industry standard socks and sock industry leader in China.
Danjiya products of the company have been awarded with many honors in cluding“Name Brand Product for Export”,“Name Brand Product of China”and“Famous Trademark of China”.
ADD:189# Lianyi Road, Datang Sock Industry Park,Zhuji City,Zhejiang Province,China
Zip: 311801 Tel:+86-575-87752177 Fax:+86-575-87751333
CHINA DANJIYA GROUP Co.,LTD. 2011 All Copyrights Reservered
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